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Expedition Details
6/11/14 Leave Lubbock (7:30 AM Five Guys parking lot - 19th & Quaker)
6/12/14 Arrive at Philmont Base Camp
6/23/14 Return to Philmont Base Camp
6/24/14 Return to Lubbock

Mr. Mullins / Mr. Voland
John David Headrick / Matt Levine (Crew Leader)
Mason Payne / Drew Chapman
Nick Pratas / Nelson Blake (Leave No Trace Guia)
Daniel Martinez / Yousef Borno
Brock Mullins / Alex Voland (Chaplain Aid)

Health Form
Download, review and complete both forms,Instructions & Parts A, B, C listed below in preparation for your Philmont experience.
Turn in Health Forms ASAP to Mr. Voland or Mr. Mullins.

Contact Information
Mr. Voland - 806.281.8170 / scott@thevolandgroup.com
Mr. Mullins - 806.777.0662 / roycem124@aol.com

Philmont - Incoming mail may be picked up at the Philmont Mail Room when the crew arrives at Philmont  and when we return to Camping Headquarters from the trail. Send mail to:

Scout's Name, 612-Z
47 Caballo Road
Cimarron, NM 87714

Emergency Telephone Number at Philmont - 575.376.2281
Telephone calls are restricted to EXTREME EMERGENCIES ONLY. Since Philmont comprises 215 square miles of rugged mountain wilderness, it may require several hours to transport scouts from some camps to return an emergency phone call. In those cases, it will speed contact when the you provid the scout's full name and expedition number.

Gear & Physical Preparation
If you haven't already, begin assembling your gear and preparing physically for the trek. Exercise suggestions and personal gear lists can be found in the Guidebook to Adventure. See Mr. Voland to get a copy or download it HERE.

Please pay the balance of your Philmont trek fee ASAP. Contact Mr. Voland for your current balance. You can make a payment HERE.